Keziah Joy's Journey as an Artist, Singer, and Video Creator

Explore the vibrant world of Keziah Joy, a talented artist, painter, songwriter, and video creator. Dive into her colorful creations and unique musical talents showcased on YouTube and Instagram. Discover the magic of magenta and teal blue in her mesmerizing paintings. Stay tuned for her upcoming art sales!

5/11/20241 min read

Keziah Joy is a multi-talented artist, singer, painter, songwriter, and video creator. Her vibrant personality shines through her work, which can be seen on her YouTube and Instagram channels. Magenta and teal blue are the signature colors that bring her creations to life. In addition to her music and videos, Keziah also offers her unique paintings for sale. Stay tuned to her blog for behind-the-scenes looks at her creative process and upcoming projects.